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Storywalks© - England Coast Path trails

Below are the audio narratives to accompany the Storywalks along the Somerset section of the England Coast Path. They were originally commission by Somerset County Council to incorporate the Storywalks content into the Ordnance Survey app Secret Stories with audio.

England Coast Path Storywalks are free, can all be found here - The England Coast Path 


Narrated by Jenny Warwick in the wilds of Exmoor.

Berrow DunesEngland Coast Path
00:00 / 35:10
Burnham-On-SeaEngland Coast Path
00:00 / 27:02
BridgwaterEngland Coast Path
00:00 / 30:12
CombwichEngland Coast Path
00:00 / 32:18
Steart MarshesEngland Coast Path
00:00 / 29:27
LilstockEngland Coast Path
00:00 / 29:14
St AudriesEngland Coast Path
00:00 / 29:44
Watchet complete finalEngland Coast Path
00:00 / 29:05
Blue AnchorEngland Coast Path
00:00 / 30:07
Dunster VillageEngland Coast Path
00:00 / 23:11
StolfordEngland Coast Path
00:00 / 35:52

Previous educational Storywalks works
'Unchain your literacy and other digital trails'

Poetry Pin© and Storywalks© are copyright protected

Storywalks works
in schools and Taunton Museum

Storywalks have worked with the Museum of Somerset.

The system was designed to take a full class of pupils and enable them to reveal and share (think read to each other here) a story hidden inside their school grounds or museum. 

Works with Devon Arts (Daisi) in 2018 tasked local schools and pupils to invent a new medieval cure for warts which was parcelled up inside a tale and then geo-tagged to Exeter Cathedral Green.

This years favourite story has been 'The Giants' Daughter, hosted by The Museum of Somerset in Taunton and continues where Jack and the Beanstalk narrative finished off.


For as everyone knows the giant died when he fell but what most people don't know is that the giants' daughter then inherits cloud castle. But she can't stand all the old stuff her father collected over the years of Fee Fi Fo Fumming, so she gets her servants to throw it all off the castle ramparts. The artefacts then litter the ground across Somerset which is then collected up by the Museum and placed on display in the Making Somerset Gallery!


This story can only be revealed inside the Making Somerset gallery through finding the right key words on display.  Some are on artefacts, others on the info boards in displays, but with these they can open the story on their school tablets, read aloud to each other and discover the story. Storywalks like these are team activities which are part hunt, part story, part riddle solving, all sharing and totally fun.

 link to post about Storywalks at Taunton Museum

The Lost Words Spell Book

Illustrator Jackie Morris and nature writer Robert Macfarlane have collaborated on a book called 'The Lost Words'. Mr Macfarlane's poetry is in response to nature words which have been dropped by the Oxford English Childrens' dictionary.


When the book launched, autumn 2017 there was a special Storywalks trail in The Compton Verney Gallery grounds with laser etched keyword posts.

A little about Storywalks

Storywalks© are bespoke digital story trails which are authored by you and your pupils and then tethered to the landscape of your choosing.


what are they?


If you were to rip the first page from a book and pin it to a tree, then the next page and pin that to the next tree, to read you would need to walk past those trees.


Storywalks© does this digitally with smart phones and iPads so you don't have to rip a book apart! Just click on the links to get to the tales in trails.

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