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Poetry Pin©
Tether Poetry to Place

What is Poetry Pin?


Poetry Pin is a web based system to Pin words to the location the author post them, and all through the browser of your smart phone.

To read a pinned poem you must stand where the author posted their words.

To post your own poem, type it into the zones or Poetry Pools web page (i.e. and )the poem is then tagged to your physical location. This is the spot where others will have to come to read your words. 

Each Poetry Pin Pool has it's own boundary which you must be inside to find and post poetry.


Commissions for new trails and zones are welcome - see below.

let us hunt poetry

Late 2018 Mr Jelleys' Beaford Arts Poetry Boxes were placed along the Tarka Trail in North Devon for just two months, They harvested hundreds of poems during this time and each week Mr Jelley visited and selected poems to geotag along the trail.


Currently there are over 300 poems tagged along the 21 mile trail, open this link to go and hunt poetry.  Peddling Poetry Page

Poetry Pin© and Storywalks© are copyright protected

Poetry trails

Northam - North Devon, Northam Burrows and Libraries Unlimited commission - 2021

Ledbury Poetry Festival - 25th Ledbury Poetry Festival 2021

Tarka Trail - North Devon as part of Beaford Arts commission - 2018 / 2019

Exeter - The first virtual poetry city

Active since January 2017

The Mineral Line - Watchet

Active since June 2016


Hinkley Point - West Somerset

Active since February 2014

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