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Feather, Leaf, Bark & Stone with Michael Sheen


Works with Seven Fables and Jackie Morris came together with this rather special film with Michael Sheen reading Jackies Words from her book Feather Leaf Bark & Stone - Unbound 2022

Soundscape by Molly Howell

Film by Seven Fables

Poetry Film - To Be Walkers


March 2022 and the storms seemed to blow through our very souls. Here on Exmoor we had a rare 'red warning' and so knew that something was up. I went out to film in Dunster Deer Park just a little before the eye of the storm strode through!

This film is a collaboration with Mark Abdey who provided the soundscape. 



Storywalks are site specific text based trails, bespoke and triggered on location through clever use of your smart phone browser.


This is a powerful tool great for creative writing with all ages of pupils. Fuse tech, creative writing and the environment with Storywalks.


See more at and hit contact below to check pricing and availability.

Moth Meadow Labyrinth


Commissioned Moth labyrinth for National Meadows Day 2019 with Somerset Art Works and the RSPB. The location is 30 mins walk from Swell Wood (RSPB reserve) in Somerset and sits in a rare untouched and un improved (think ploughing here) meadow.

July 2019

Bluebell by Kerry Andrew


Bluebell spell song by Kerry Andrew from The Lost Words publication Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. Film created for The Sobell House Hospice by Christopher Jelley of Number Seven Dulverton.

November 2018

The Somerset Rural Life Museum


Current exhibition in the Tithe Barn at the Glastonbury Rural Life Museum which includes interactive interpretation posts as well as Hollow Husk poem by Mr Jelley.

Exhibition hours Tuesday - Sunday 10 - 5pm until 11th November 2017

admission to the museum is required.

Willow Cathedral Poetry Workshop


A poetry workshop responding to the place and space of Taunton, commissioned by Arts Taunton and Somerset Art Works and designed to engage with individuals and families with word and place during National Meadows Day.

Christopher Jelley's wild word poetry workshop was at the Willow Cathedral in Longrun Meadow, Taunton.

All poems written on the day were also geo-located to the meadow through and are available to view for free in location they were posted at this web address.

Poetry Pin Project


A year of walking reading and writing to the west of HInkley C in Somerset, the UK's first nuclear build in decades. 


This project geolocates fresh new site specific poetry along the trail to be revealed with your smart phone.


Poetic works were completed and submitted by spring 2015 with the book  'A Walk Down the Rift' (Fly Catcher Press) which was released in the autumn.



Coleridge Way Story Boxes


Six boxes were tethered along the Coleridge Way in Somerset during the summers of 2013 and 2014. Inside each tin was a book and a pencil, a story was already begun by a published author and visitors were simply asked to continue the story so far.


Books were exhibited in Dulverton and were the stepping stone to the Poetry Boxes at Valley of Rocks (2014) and Tarr Steps (2015)


New Poetry Boxes for 2016 are due to be located in Dunster which will conclude this three year project with the Lynmouth Pavilion Trust.

Poetry Films
The Canvas Lords


Words and film are a natural combination and this poem was a response to a family camping trip, where I observed new campers come and create homesteads and corrals from the contents of their car boots.

Poetry Film


A Further Fragment 

This poetry film responds to the 200th anniversary of the publication of Samuel Taylor Coleridge Kubla Khan and is part of a touring exhibition by Somerset Art Works called Imagined Worlds.

Teasing Tags


Westcott Farm Brompton Ralph was host to this labyrinth which created the teasing tag. A little card with a curious question to tease something interesting out of you.


Answers from the tags were tied on the tree at the centre of the orchard and by the end of the two weeks we had over one hundred and fifty tags with the craziest answers on!


Often teasing tags are handed out blind with the challenge, you mustn't read it until you have forgotten you had every had it!

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