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Lynford Labyrinth

Weaving around a grass meadow labyrinth in Lygnford Park, Priorswood would seem like an idyllic way to spend a day. The planning began back in March with Sarah Langley and Beccy Swain (the latter of Somerset Art Works). The remit was simple, use the space to create a labyrinth, get the local families to grow meadow flowers and plant them inside and then run around it in a crazy manner. ​

Well with division of labour as such that Sarah Langley ran the crowning and planting meadow flowers, whilst I mapping, plotted and then 'ran around it in a crazy manner!'

But the weather has not been kind to meadow flowers, and although the cutting regime has been easy to scale back, the watering (which is never a problem during UK summers) was required.

I was away for the first Pride in Priorswood workshop, but the second on Tuesday 7th August proved to be a fabulous day. The park was bustling with locals and I cajoled lots of families down onto the newly created coiled path. Every child (and adult) had a teasing tag before counting their steps into the labyrinth and were asked not to read it until they had found the centre.

Later on we taught the drawing of labyrinths and even the weaving of labyrinths (image top) which is harder than it sounds.

By the end of the day we had had a great set of families through the labyrinth gate, many now new how to draw their own labyrinths and were keen to come back and run the path even when the bunting was down. All in all a rather successful day.

Link to Somerset Art Works page about the Lyngford Labyrinth (click here)

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