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The Bleak Fortunes Tarot

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Birth in the Briar Patch

You have a vein of ground elder running through your character, you can double dig and purge with chemicals but the plant will always return. It is your inheritance like a quick temper, like sourness of moods that can be contagious, a bad apple. Avoid ladders, count your change, never trust the milkman beyond his skill base.


You are the unwanted child, born from raw lust yet curiously most loved. Don’t wear your history on you sleeve, keep your valuables secure, and watch out for the lone Raven he is the bringer of unexpected bills and unforgiving restless sleep. Double wash on Wednesdays, and be patient with a new purchase.

Moon Phase

Gibbous Moon

Late Autumn



Lumpy pillows on vacation Avoid soup Thread worm and wet nurse issues a theft of tent poles be wary of forgeries avoid the house with nettles by the door

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