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The Bleak Fortunes Tarot

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Climb the mountain and the summit will greet you, it is a journey for you and the wilderness. Nobody really knows the obstacles which you personally face, perhaps it is easier for others, perhaps harder. Whatever the battle it is only between you and the mountain, others having been there is of no consequence to you.


I once submitted a local hill over 50 times through the course of a year, each ascension was marked with the collection of a small pebble. On the final ascension of climb number 51 the stones were returned to make a tiny cairn. it why 51? well that is the actual height of Everest from sea level, all completed without oxygen and mainly with my dog. A tall task is only as big as the parts and the time allocated. What is your monster.

Moon Phase

Tiresome Moon

Mid Autumn



pink bow ties summer rain a murmuration avoid explanations be wary of others belittling your achievements non capital profit

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