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The Bleak Fortunes Tarot

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Artist Anesthetic

What calms the mind of a creative? What slows down the dizzying thoughts of design and solution, everyone is a client, every thing has the potential to be improved. A fizzy banana, a train journey distraction, the DNA of disease, all waiting for the re design. what parts of your life need the creative to re vamp and up grade?


These are the problems of recreation, over indulgence and the natural end point to being the party. Time for a detox, dry January won’t cut the mustard, you need to re think your whole daily routine and re engineer you life from the bottom up or it will come toppling down.

Moon Phase

Vendetta Moon




a voice from the ether impropriety a pond in the forest school yard memory the badgers sett avoid walking through the park at dawn be wary of a man who looks like his dog

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