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The Bleak Fortunes Tarot

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Advice Man Cometh

This card is paired with The Empathy of Kings Some times advice is sought, other times it is proffered whether asked for or not. This card is about the latter, the advice is coming whether you want it it not! Prepare yourself, this advice will be cutting and catch you blind sided, it will be personal and hard to swallow, it will cause you pain and anxiety but even worse than all this, the advice will be true. So harden your skin and lean into the blow, swallow the news and face the rain. Ripping off the bandaid with smart for a short time then you can re build and move forward.


Perhaps it is time to pull your punches a little and soften the blow, you are dishing it out with too with gusto and urgently need guidance in your technique. Modify this immediately as your bluster will come back to haunt you. There may be some home truths which need to be shared, but skill yourself up in the art of empathy and consider how you would it when on the receiving end.

Moon Phase

Sulphurous Moon

Late Autumn



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