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The Bleak Fortunes Tarot

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Abusive Masters

Treat your equipment with respect and it will lift your game, never put over the cleaning and tidying required today. The artist needs to keep the notion of ex centric asshole to those outside the team. Inside, the artist needs to welcome all as close family, putting their needs above his own, this way the artists core team will be stronger and lift the work to new heights. How do you treat 'the help' ?


As a minion you must play your role, roll with the internship and understand that the investment now will flesh out friendships and dig roots for later years. But remember this, this card is called abusive masters, you will one day be in that roll if not there already, do you stick to form and play the part or do you change the script and pay the help a working wage, knowing how hard it is when you were in that dry same place.

Moon Phase

Shallow Moon

Early Autumn



the feud bird seed attracts vermin the witches knickers a water tower avoid walking across cobbled stones be wary of a flash mob of school kid

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