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The Bleak Fortunes Tarot

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A Sack of Puppies

What fruits of your activities require drastic action? What un-sanctionable means will you deploy to repair and reset? Is that you taking delivery of a plastic bag full of half suffocated battery chickens? This is the farmers waste and bad not yours, all you do is provide a market for his misconduct. You give him permission to perpetrate this injustice again and again. Your actions, though well meaning are misguided, arrange for the delivery of the birds along with a reporter. How do you fit in to this picture?


Can a kindness thread through the eye of cruelty? Is there a time when your heart strings are wound so tight that you have to brace against them. Think of their tiny hearts and the trust in the hands which lower them into the sack with the stones.

Moon Phase




the curse of the fey hearted a kitchen sink of slugs the third fool avoid the man who pretends to be a doctor be wary of a house with brass bowls in the windows the rake

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