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Twenty Four Advent Poems by Christopher Jelley

I've been posting advent poems all this month through the Number Seven Dulverton and wanted to share a few which have been posted so far. A selection of just four are below, but if you'd like to read them all then links are below, although today is the 14th December and as advents dictate you have to wait for each day in turn.


First Day of December 2019

between the holly and the ground

between the dusk and the night

in a smudge of smoke seven amber angels alight

before the winter solstice

before the sewing of starlight

for in an advent moon beam shaft a kiss will be laid tonight


Fifth day of December 2019

I slept seven nights in a hollow tree

and something timber called up to me

I felt it circle across my brow

and hoist up there a holly bow

upon my waking I felt it’s weight

but there twas nought but the spectre of a crown

which I proudly keep in the crease of my frown


Seventh day of December

the owls were calling long last night

swapping out the milky stars

they share their talk of old winter hawks

and outings with the tzars

they brood over seven tinsel knights

who swagger in moonlit glade

all befuddled by brews

with the courtly muse

from the night of the fey serenade


Twelfth day of December

through this delicate moon beam shaft

seven subtle angels are hard at graft 

coaxing ice crystals from the bright night air

out over tree tops they skitter and swarm

silver gilding the forest for Christmas morn


Thankyou to the brilliant Jackie Morris letting me use little magic snippets from her paintings (and yes I do have proper permission so no copying without her nod).

Enjoy the next few advent poems through the shops social channels and have a great festive season. x


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