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Lorna Doone - Weather Words of Exmoor

Four schools of the seven have already taken part in this project in the creation of poetry, with another three to go. The days begin with a nature stroll, perhaps down to the river or along green lanes from the school grounds. Each pupil is armed with a pencil, a strip of card and the instructions to 'word harvest from Exmoor' although there is much more to it than this!

On the journey pupils cast their eager eyes and ears across the hedge backs and wooded valleys to capture words and phrases ripe for a poem. By the end of the morning cards are filled (often pupils ask for new!) and pencils worn flat with their creativity.

the malicious salmon swiftly searches, lurches, leaps out and dives for its tasty prey

Pupil words from their word harvesting workshop

silky water slicing through the blades

sprinting down

the isolation of the steady flow

vaults of water gush and deepen

vibrant teal blue foam simmering under

ice water flows near pink flowers

and goose grass

clouds above stream bright white

horse tails


River Barle

As I prepare for the next schools, the current poems are being laser etched into stencils ready for installation onto the pavements of Dulverton for the Lorna Doone festival (29-30th June) and also the courtyard of the Museum of Somerset in Taunton. Both locations, once poetry installed should be visible throughout the summer but they will only reveal when it rains!

Here is a link to my Lorna Doone page on the Jelley website

And finally, here is a little riddle written by Exford school through their workshop.

always out of reach

not a type of tie

not a weapon for Robin Hood

not made of chicken, rubber, magnetite or wood

child of sun and rain

leprechaun home

where their gold is hid

play space of the unicorn kid

seven colours ribbon arc

in the sky beneath the lark

what am I?

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