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Advent Poems

Just before December began, only 18 days ago I had an idea to post an advent poem a day through Twitter, Facebook and instagram (links below). As I was running the brilliant Number Seven Dulverton shop that day, surrounded by original Jackie Morris paintings I also thought it would be great to tag each poem along with a tiny tableaux photo from magic segments of her paintings.

Filled with the bravo of a fresh idea, I contacted Jackie whether she would consent, (which she did) which then suddenly gave me the dilemma of actually producing 24 exquisite poems, and since I'd asked Jackie's permission I couldn't possible back out!

So I began to write, and write and write, snatches at breakfast, or just before bed, glimpses of ideas as I waited for the school run or walked the dog. Piece by piece the poems emerged, more like flash sketches or rough diamonds, but that worked well for me. Part of the speed came because Twitter will only allow 240 characters, a nice short number to keep the poems tight and concise.

So all were written pretty quickly (no time for procrastination!) and all but one have been penned since Dec 1st.

This was the first one, where it all began.

1st Advent Poem

Through this door you see the angels store

One broad oak table with golden platters

pickles pears, and all that matters

aside the sun kissed fruits and walnut halves

are cast off spells from long belly laughs

And this the 16th December which was much admired.

16th Advent Poem

Bonnets on goslings with peppermint trims

almond toads with glacé fruit rings

macaroon owls rattling spinning tops

hedgehog shortbread and marzipan clocks

angels shaking iced ringlets loose

all cutter shaped pastries to adorn my spruce

If you would like to follow the last few Advent Poems as they are posted, here are the links.

All is revealed at 8am each morning, feel free to share.

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