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The Edge of the Storm

Since Halloween has passed and the winds have been dancing through the forest making all the leaves skitter and flurry in a blazing whirl of tangerines, umbers and golds; I thought I should post a poem.


I like trees that throw

that creak and groan

and roar from brows

flailing birching snapping

all jagged and bright

wrought and splintered with billowing fight

I like woods which bruise

shadow black lightening

taunting upwards to the sky

woods that bark and bite the air





I like woods which growl

slow deep and dark

then darker

that glisten black in the rain

all sap and wick


thick, heave out hill wards

with cellular strain

all ship from tip

through girth to main

I like trees which bask

that drink in the sun

until leaves are crisp to golden

crown rich singed bolden

where birds claw hook and beak

and crooked knots

dither and weep

trapping secrets in tender roots

mulching skulking

all come hither cahoots

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