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For the Sake of a Lawn Stripe

A little poem I finished this morning. It speaks for itself so I shall just say, enjoy.

Mow the grass to stem the weeds

I want a lawn like a crown bowling green

Narrow the range, don’t let it seed

Cut often cut quick

And be liberal with feeds

Then tighten the edges grub out the thicket

Tut over the fence and shush for the cricket

Target the imposters of daisy’s and clover

For dandelion, birds eye and moss it’s over

One lawn pristine and of perfect hue

Immaculate and seamless

Green, wide and true

Watered at dusk and watered at dawn

In heavenly pursuit of that perfect lawn

Every hour of calm should be dashed

Run strimmers hot till fit to burst

Refill restart as the neighbours curse

Such industrious labour broadcasting live

The two stroke tremolo must bustle and jive

Around the picket fence now the talk of the lot

No rabbits nor hedgehogs will spoil this plot

Only decking and cherubs could edge this dream

Where nymphs suckle wine from eternal jars

With un-slake-able thirsts amidst solar charging stars

No pond is wanted here with ugly muddy banks

No bug breading botany with messy pupating flanks

No spawning ground of gnat harvesting insect brewing misery

No churlish waters of toads and other heathen witchery

Spray all edges burn at the cracks

That'll curtail any weed spawning attack’s

But you know what would make this garden really complete . . .

Is perhaps a little bird song . . . .

Apparently I must encourage them in

With fat rolled nuts and lardy balls

I’ll pick up some tomorrow

From the orchard shopping mall

Along with a funky bug hotel

From the kiddies corner beside the show and tell

There it says habitat loss is part of their plight

So an ounce of meal worm shall make it right

But where to put them without soiling this vista

Or perhaps I could buy a caged one and a second for my sister

All rights reserved © Christopher Jelley June 2018

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