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  • C Jelley

Free Literacy Workshops

This is a very exciting announcement for schools in the Taunton Museum catchment area. Storywalks has successfully obtained an Arts Council England grant to pilot interior narratives within the museum.

If you would like to get involved then now is you chance to grab some free literacy sessions.

KS3 literacy is the target focus and there are two types of session, firstly full day workshops in January, where Storywalks will create new narratives with pupils through the galleries. Then secondly in February and March, we will have hour long sessions for groups to cycle through the galleries, reading and discovering these pupil embellished narratives.

The writing of 'vessel stories' has already begun, to enable pupils to write their own words inside the galleries and anyone with a mobile phone will be able to reveal their words once installed.

Over the coming months there will be more about these works, but for now it's really important to spread the word to get interested parties involved, so if you know any schools literacy leads then point them this way as the Art Council England grant means that these sessions will be free.

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