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Gather-ing (visitor book)

Visitor books are tricky objects to place in an exhibition, they are essential to capture thoughts and words about the works but often they remain blank. Hundreds of people can pass through the doors but not that many do the honour of writing in the visitor book, and often those that do are cajoled into it by some eager invigilator. This in turn often predisposes the words written and falsifies the content somewhat. So when some one does write in the book of their own volition, and take time to think and compose their words, it is high praise indeed. So without saying anything further, here are the words written by Annabelle Warwick-Staff in the Gathering exhibitions book, thankyou.

Once, this place was physically empty as a discarded egg shell. But still, the golden light of etheric yoke remains.

The wooden beams, so complex and dense, hinted of a higher space, invited prayers to the winter sun sighing through the angels wall.

Dreams of something before, and something to come, hummed through the air like the song of a muddy saint, and reminded me of sacredness and summer, despite my cold tears.

And now, that which was astrally present has been gather-ed, and physically defined, like a ghost under a sheet. In the moody, hallow mass gloom, there is light, and a celebration of the life sustaining soil, and the toil, of our brave ancestors.

A soundscape, which echoes this buildings thoughtful, holy, aural colour, an autumnal tapestry for a skull accessorised moon haloed saint, bushels for farmers, and word hoards for poets.

Nourishment for bodies, nourishment for souls.

Thanks to all who helped make this exhibition look so great, the team at the Rural Life Museum, the team at Somerset Art Works, the artists and of course all the visitors.

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