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Artist in Residence - busy month ahead!

It's a great title Artist in residence to 'lord about' when you can, so I am shouting it out as often as I can, knowing that June will soon pass as all great things do. But in the mean time, there are lots of really excellent events coming up, one of which is called 'The Great Get Together' inspired by the late Jo Cox with (the other artist in residence) Michelle Rumney and myself cutting a grass labyrinth on Longrun Meadow.

Every one is invited to come and have a picnic, enjoy the new trail and make friends, well it is called the great get together for a reason!

Michelle and I will plot and cut the labyrinth in the morning, which will involve noisy strimming (and a little head scratching as we set out the trail.) So the public are invited to join us from 2 until 5 where we will be having fun with this new creation, please bring picnic and a wish or two.

But before the above, Michelle and I will be at the Brewhouse Theatre on the 31st capturing stories from you about interesting art interventions over the years in the town. A chance to reminisce and perhaps plant some new seeds for future idea germination.

Then on the 1st June, the Poetry Boxes will be live across Taunton's green spaces - find them, add a poem or two and leave for the next. Out for the whole of June capturing words about place and space from passersby. The Exmoor Poetry Boxes have been really impressive, lets hope the Taunton ones are as equally diverse.

2nd June sees a brilliant poetry session at Taunton library called 'Lets Get Our Poetry On!' with David Reeves, Liv Torc plus Michelle and myself casting ourselves 10 years into the future of Taunton - what could be inshore. Free 10 - 1pm

Somerset and Taunton Teasing Tags on 17th June comes next - loads going on and I'll be outside the Somerset Museum (Goodlands Gardens side) tying Taunton teasing tags to the railings and capturing curious answers from passersby about Taunton-ness!

18th June - The Great Get Together - 2 until 5pm bring picnic and a pocket full of wishes.

Finally on 1st July to celebrate National Meadow Day, we will be having a poetry session at the Willow Cathedral on Longrun Meadow. All welcome, free 11 until 3pm, I may even add a little digital jiggery-pokery too with a little Taunton Poetry Pin around the meadow, so bring your mobile phone and be prepared for a digital treasure hunt of poetry!

So tons on for this month with the residency, and looking forward to catching up with everyone and anyone who has a story to tell, wants to get involved, or just happy to see what's happening.

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