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Taunton-ness Teasers

What ingredients would you put in Taunton pie?

As a ghost which part of Taunton would you haunt first?

If you designed a flag for Taunton what colours would you choose and were would you fly it?

Name a swatch of colour which would describe spring blossom falling like snow on the hair of passing shoppers in Taunton town.

These are a few of the questions I will be asking in surveys and with Taunton Teasing Tags over the next couple of months. The purpose of the commission is to ascertain what 'Taunton-ness' might look like, but rather than asking the question directly I am circumnavigating it and trying to find the edges (if that's at all possible.)

Image by folk lore historian Cecil Sharp (1859 – 1924)

The second element of the commission will endeavour to capture some words through Poetry Boxes left across the town during June. These will be tethered in the usual manner (working on locations and permissions now) hopefully to entice passersby to read and write a few words about place and space.​ The Sketch Boxes for Simonsbath festival will be live across much of this period too, so plenty of opportunity to get your pencil warmed up.

There will also be some more public events for direct engagement, the most vital of these if all goes to plan will be Summer Fest on Saturday 17th June. I will be out with my Taunton Teasing Tags asking the public to respond on the reverse of the tags with gems of wisdom and then tie them to bridges or railings across the heart of the town.

All works will be wrapped up for the end of July with a public presentation which is currently being planned, so no date as yet.

So in the mean time, have a go at the questionnaire all the responses will be fed into the final output.

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