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Exmoor Poetry Boxes - Book launch

A Harvest of Wild Words

Over three summers the Poetry Boxes have been out harvesting words across the moors. The first year, 2014 was at Valley of Rocks and from June to the end of August the six little tins collected over 2000 poems. Year two (2015) saw the tins located at Tarr Steps, in the heart of Exmoor and a similar number of poems were written in the books. The final summer was Dunster village, whose books and tins were collected in early this September, and archived with the others at the Exmoor National Park offices.

Since then the 5500 poems have been whittled down to just over 100, photographed and placed in the new book The Exmoor Poetry Boxes, commissioned by Exmoor National Park and Fly Catcher Press.

On November the 21st, at 11am the book launch will commence at The Bath, Hotel, Lynmouth.

We will read some of the journals, talk a little about the project and you can meet some of those involved with a nice cup of tea and slice of cake.

If you want to catch up with the past posts, then the poetry box twitter, is a great place to start, where I have been posting images of the books from June, so plenty of reading there.

Come and join us for coffee and cake

meet the people behind the project

Books will be available for sale at £12

11am Monday 21st November

The Bath Hotel Lynmouth

EX35 6EL

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