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The Hokey Cokey

So many changes have just happened in the UK it seems only natural to write a poem to try and capture a response.

The current title is The Hokey Cokey, as in put your left leg in, your left leg out, in out, in out, shake it all about!

Not settled on that yet though, but have a read none the less.

The Hokey Cokey

And the door locks with the keys inside

(Long walk now to the other side)

But at that instance of realisation

Fumbling to undo in desperation

That moment repeats on endless loops

No way back

No way to grasp

The finality

Of click

With lock

In hasp

Those gun-hoe politicians sold us Brexiteering

Mud slinging foxes

Are now hungry on the steering

Cliff wards and backwards

Concocting motions

With Mary Rose gun ports flung wide in the commotion

Catching the swell of exit strategy

Decks flood fast in a capital catastrophe

Brace! Brace!

Financial prolapse

Nose cut

To spite face

Tantrum country in the dunces space

Back on Merkels naughty step

Slam the door

Go to your room

I hate you

I hate you

It's just not fair

(Brussels withers beneath Paddington stare)

NHS pledges now turned to dust

Splashed over buses and vinyl banners

Was just hyped up spin from political scammers

Lies which now fester inside the honest voter

Westminster will struggle to flush this floater

Youth dismayed at dwindling prospects

Devalued housing now nothing to desire

The pocketed sterling worth less by the hour

Britain now back in the 1970's

A miners strike madness

Hey, here comes inflation

This tiny land so drunk with pomp

Once proudly pimped up a suite of nations

(Though a little confused now with immigrations)

Get Britain Back, they slogan shouted

To a world painted pink with emerald lawns

A time before countries with similar aspirations

Joining heroic forces as a League of Nations

But now half this land have burnt our bridges

And run with pitch forks at the castle

No one is stronger

Here comes the stay cation

Blunt is the blade in European castration

Christopher Jelley

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