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Phase II for Poetry Pin - The Mineral Line

Well this is one of those 'stop the presses' moments as the funding has just been approved for the second Poetry Pin trail, this time along the historic Mineral Line from Old Cleeve into Watchet. It's brilliant as the old code for the current trail at Hinkley will get a spruce too, the wheels of coding you don't see need greasing every now and then too.

So today is the day to crack open the champagne and tomorrow is the one the good work starts on delivering, working out timetables and realistic launch dates. We need to put the call out for all writers and poets to sharpen their pencils for poetry and words tethered to specific locations. Spread the word, as the trail is only as strong as it's authors, and I have a good feeling we are about to start something really truly exciting.

Keep an eye here as works develop, follow us on the twitter or FB, just search for the #PoetryPin and we'll be there.

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