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Poetry Boxes and the Ted Hughes Award

So firstly Happy New Year and welcome to a rejuvenated focus which has started (as usual) with a flood of emails, but for me it feels like back to work with a leap rather than a thump. But interestingly one of these emails was from the Poetry Society calling for nominations for ‘New Innovations in Poetry’ with the Ted Hughes Award, and I thought to myself – surely the Lynmouth Pavilion Poetry Boxes or the Poetry Pin Project could be nominated?!

So in a moment of raw arrogance I thought I should ask the talented reader (you!) whether you would place a recommendation, the only caveat being that you do need to be a Poetry Society Member (which I do personally recommend)

So there it is, a short but concise request, but time is short, the nomination procedure closes on the 8th January 2016 so please don’t delay, and to make things even easier I’ve included a little link here to their competition web page so you can add me in.

Fingers crossed!

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