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The Bleak Fortunes Tarot

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Come Hell or Horticulture

The witches know which herbs to throw. Which roots to rub which grafts to grow. approach with caution lithe and slow the witches await you they await you, you know Take care with your diet, the ingredients have changed as times move on, the conditions of growth and forced cultivation. Those plants are not the same as the ones you eat as a child.


Go out and dig your allotment, research and read around, but put your feet back in the ground.

Moon Phase

Moon of Shame

Mid Winter



a wheel clamp close crop the tail of the fire bird a night on the edge of a robbers wood avoid procrastination be wary of the smiling man behind glasserrors of judgment moving sands a traitor at work watch and be wary when you see twins avoid wearing flower designs on Fridays ground elder

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